Activity of the "Consultative & Informative Centre, EDUKOS", from its beginning, is directed to the work with disadvantaged groups. Target groups are people medically disadvantaged, unemployed, lonely women, released from imprisonment, at-risk youth and delinquents, even with the families they come from, resp. which they return to.
The prime aim is to refine the quality of their lives. Besides education and trainings, we offer consultations, social and juristic counselling. We do prevent activities against patologic events with a special respect to the postpenitentiary realm. Edukos is also the stage workplace for social work studenst and provide them counselling and supervision at elaboration of their scholary diploma works.
For the work with targeted groups, we are granted with accreditations from "Ministry of Education" (MS SR), that are specialized for prevention of patologic events, personal progress and shift of behavior:
  1. Accreditation Nr. 1353/36098/379/1 for educational activity "Resocialisation program"
  2. Accreditation Nr. 1353/0424/2001/7/1 for educational activity "Training of the effective work with a client"
  3. Accreditation Nr. 1353/6787/2003/272/1 for educational activity "Motivation training"
Accreditation from "Ministry of Social Issues and Family" Nr. 12492/2006-1/21 – "execution of social-legal protection precautions and social guardianship" by the Code law Nr. 305/2005
Involved partners:
  • Department for Penal Execution of Imprisonment for Youngsters, in Sucany
  • Association of medically handicapped from Orava
  • Agency of supported employing – Orava PLUS
  • Probation & mediation officers of the District Court in Dolny Kubin
  • Bureau of Labor, Social Issues and Family, in Dolny Kubin & Namestovo
  • Foster Home – Istebné, SR 
  • Area Association of the Red Cross, Dolny Kubin
External partners:
-         Švédska väzenská a probačná služba
-         Penitenciárne oddelenie pre resocializáciu Ministerstva spravodlivosti
  a súdnictva mladistvých, Katalánsko
-         Združenie pre rozvoj sociálnej práce v trestne v trestnej justícii v ČR
-         Právnická univerzita vo Vilniuse, Litva
-         Nadácia PLUS Krakov z Poľska a iní.
As on 1.-st January 2006, we founded "5P Centrum" for citizens of Dolny Kubin and its surrounding, where we provide individual psychological, social-legal and career counselling, all for free. At this center we also founded the group of specialists from various realms, such as police, state administration, municipality... with whom we consult solutions of problems and select the best ones for individuals or groups.